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Support from the good idea to the certified product.

The ASETLabs support industry in the development of products for a sustainable energy supply. As independent testing laboratories, the ASETLabs never develop their own products and are committed to confidentiality. The ASETLabs and their experts thus constitute a unique centre of competence based on the following four pillars:​

High level infrastructure: The ASETLabs combine first-class facilities for research in the field of energy supply and our accreditation guarantees reliable measurements. This shared infrastructure is therefore perfectly suited to support your R&D projects. 

Applied universities for F&E: The ASETLabs are annexed to universities of applied sciences. They are primarily engaged in applied research and are therefore the right partners when it comes to preparing new ideas and products for the market.  

International network: The experts of the ASETLabs are best connected nationally and internationally and know the applicable standards, legal requirements and also all funding programs. This will ensure that new products are ready for the market. 

Testing and certification: Products must be tested and certified according to the requirements. This is one of the core tasks of ASETLabs. In addition, the laboratories offer reliable measurements as accredited bodies in the field of market surveillance, in case of technical uncertainties or legal problems. 


The energy transition is challenging industry and society with various additional questions: Examples include immissions caused by noise, glare, particles, and much more general questions such as environmental protection, urban and regional planning, insurance topics, legal regulations, or funding programs. Also here the ASETLabs are involved in many projects and have the necessary competences. 

Modus Operandi

The ASETLabs are a legally non-committal association of independent testing laboratories to make better use of cross-technology synergies. One of the participating testing laboratories is always responsible for our services. If deemed necessary, temporary working groups are formed or reciprocal subcontracts are awarded.   

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