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Prüfstelle Gebäudetechnik (HSLU)

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The Prüfstelle Gebäudetechnik of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences provides thermal, fluid and acoustic testing of building components and devices.

In the accredited area we test

  • Heat recovery components for ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • Residential ventilation units and multifunctional ventilation units

  • Heat exchangers air-water and water-water

  • Pressure drop and leakage of ventilation components

  • Drag coefficients of components in sanitary and heating technology

  • Thermal comfort in the climate chamber and in real rooms

  • Leakages, air volume flows and ventilation efficiency using trace gas

  • Sound power level in the reverberation room

  • Insertion loss of ventilation components, such as silencers



Prof. Heinrich Huber

+41 41 349 32 75

Prüfstelle Gebäudetechnik

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