Labor für Photovoltaiksysteme


The test centre for PV inverters of the PV Laboratory of the Bern University of Applied Sciences has been accredited according to ISO 17025 since 2018.

The test centre is equipped for 
- 1-string inverters from 200 W to 100 kW
- Multistring inverters from 200 W to 11.5 kW 


Testing includes also :

  • Total and dynamic efficiency according to IEC 50530

  • Harmonic currents according to IEC 61000-3-2
    and IEC 61000-3-12

  • EMV conducted radio interference
    according to CISPR 11


Some more examples of our projects:

  • In a series of measurements, the behavior of various solar inverters in the event of excess power (CD-side) was investigated.

  • An innovative micro-inverter was tested, which has three separate MPP trackers and thus carries out separate MPP tracking on each cell string of the connected solar module.

  • The EMC behaviour of a compact stand-alone inverter with integrated battery was investigated.

  • One test object was an older central inverter from a plant with performance problems. This old device had a European efficiency of less than 92%, which is very low compared to modern solar inverters.



Christof Bucher

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