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SPF Institute for solar technology 

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The Institute for Solar Technology SPF is an institute of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) in Rapperswil. In our internationally accredited test laboratory SPF Testing, we assess and certify components and systems in the field of solar technology, as well as all systems for providing heat in buildings. Our services also include durability tests and various measurements of the thermal and optical properties of the building envelope.
The most important services include

  • Performance and quality of thermal solar collectors and systems

  • Measurements on heat storage units: Stratification efficiency and losses

  • Optical measurements on coatings, transparent materials. Transmission, reflection, emission, glare, incidence angle factors, etc.

  • Testing of thermal insulation

  • Hail resistance of building components

  • Snow load resistance of roof elements

  • Resistance of hydraulic connection systems

  • Resistance to high irradiation and ambient temperatures in the sun simulators and in our climate chambers.


A. Bohren

+41 58 2574825

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